How to Become a Content Writing Machine

With a Pinch a Efforts + Perseverance

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In today's Issue of Digital Nomads, you'll read about :

1. How to Become a Content Writing Machine

2. How to Repurpose Content for LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram

3. What's Happening on Twitter

4. Resources

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1. How to Become a Content Writing Machine

Write Daily.

Tell me - Would you take the route which helps you learn, create, fail and recreate faster or the one that takes its sweet time to teach you the needful.

The former one right? It's because in today's world, with the creator economy on a surge, literally everyone is thinking, planning and implementing some or the other form of content to gain attention.

And the best way to cut through the noise is by creating content daily. This will help you learn faster and create faster. And even if you bring undesirable results, you'll get back on your feet 'faster' and learn from your mistakes.

And that's how you become a Content Writing machine - by Writing daily. Feel free to follow this checklist.

  • Choose a Platform - Twitter / LinkedIn

  • Fix the number of words to write daily - 100 / 200 / 500

  • Select a Niche

  • Study your Competition on the chosen Platform

  • 2x the daily number of words in a month

  • Stay consistent & Watch yourself land opportunities

Twitter & LinkedIn are the best platforms for beginner writers. And Building in Public is the best advice you'll ever hear today.

When you're comfortable writing daily on these platforms, Create a free Medium account & start writing Blogs on it. [And if you're already on Medium, focus on getting Email Subscribers]

And if possible - write content in a variety of niches. I'm comfortable writing in the Marketing niche, but due to recent client demands, I'm planning to jump into the self-improvement and skincare niches.

2. How to Repurpose Content for LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram

Popular content on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram follow a simple & similar framework :

  • Hook

  • Story

  • CTA (Call to Action)

Begin with Words that hook readers to read your entire content. Lay out a story to keep readers glued to your content. Plug a call to action (CTA) at the end to make readers engage with your content.

Don't waste your time publishing content manually when you can do it in automation using free tools available online.

If you're planning to spread out on other platforms & increase your chances of getting seen online - Sign up on tools like Hypefury & Publer to create & schedule content automatically online.

What's Happening on Twitter?

Here's a mini-list of Tweets I found insightful recently.

My best decision of 2022 was to join Twitter. The kind of amazing people I come across on Twitter is incredible.

If you're not on Twitter yet, go ahead and hop on.


Here's a mini-list of resources I found inspiring + helpful. Dig in.

Quote of the Day

Write. Rewrite. When not writing or rewriting, read. I know of no shortcuts.

Larry L. King, WD

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