How to Choose your Writing Niche and More...

4 Questions that'll Answer what Most Writers Struggle With.

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In today's Issue of Digital Nomads, you'll read about :

  1. How to Choose Your Writing Niche?

  2. How to Maintain Consistency as a Writer?

  3. How to Set Milestones in your Writing Career?

  4. 25 Headline Templates Readers find Irresistible to Click on

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1. How to Choose Your Writing Niche ?

Choosing a Niche begins with Writing on topics of your Interests.

Maybe it's Travel, Sports, Food or Marketing - Don't hesitate to explore them.

Here's how to choose your Writing Niche :

  • Choose a Platform to Write : LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium or Quora

  • Start Writing on topics you like - Don't think about a Niche right now

  • Analyse your Results. Which topics are bringing in more views?

  • Double down on them and repeat-Analyse the topics

  • Do this 2x-3x and you'll have your Niche

Lesson : Not only did you find your Niche, you even found your Target audience.

Want to choose a profitable niche? Go ahead and read Justin's blog.

And here's an Ultimate Niche Guide by Alex :

2. How to Maintain Consistency as a Writer?

Start Small. Scale Big.

When starting out as a Writer, one often loses their vigour due to a lack of :

  • Views

  • Engagement (likes/comments)

But there's a way around it. Start small with writing just 50-100 words daily.

It can be anything. Just sign up on a free content platform like Twitter or Medium & start putting your thoughts into words.

In a few weeks, try scaling it to 100-200 words. Keep increasing the word limit as long as you feel you can handle it. No pressure.

Now instead of just sticking to a single platform, try distributing it by repurposing it for other platforms.

Tools like Hypefury (affiliate link) help me repurpose my tweets into LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram posts.

Lesson : Building consistency comes with compounding efforts over time. It'll never be an overnight achievement.

Here's a Twitter thread on building a bulletproof writing habit in less than 5mins a day.

And another one on building an effortless daily writing habit.

3. How to Set Milestones in your Writing Career?

The best way to set milestones? Keep track of them by jotting them down in your journal or a habit tracker/planner. It's more effective than leaving it to your memory.

Here's a list of 4 tools that'll help you pen down your writing goals.

  • Evernote

  • Notion

  • ClickUp

  • Slack

Fancy a Journal? Go ahead and set your milestones in it. Divide them into :

  • Small-term

  • Long-term

And further divide them into - Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly. Check out Dan Koe's Power Planner for setting down your morning/night thoughts and priority tasks.

Here are a few examples of some basic milestones I set 'almost' daily.

  • Write 500-1000 words daily

  • Track my Mental Health

  • Read for at least 30 mins

  • Write 3-5 Tweets daily

All of the above tasks are subject to compounding. In my mind, I know that setting these milestones is eventually going to help me accomplish my Writing Goals.

But hey, it doesn't stop there. You can try out what Justin says in his tweet below.

And don't forget to celebrate every Milestone, as Alex does. It motivates you to strive for better and larger goals.

4. 25 Headline Templates Readers find Irresistible to Click On

Headlines are the make-or-break element of your blogs.

If you're spending 40 mins writing your draft, spend at least 20 mins coming up with a Headline that :

  • Delivers a promise

  • Takes a stance

  • Is Specific

  • Is Clear, not Clever

But don't affix yourself to a given structure. The best way to practise writing Headlines is by actually writing them, analysing how effective they are, and templatizing those that bring you better results than the rest.

But just in case you want to get started with a few proven Headline templates, here you go.

  1. X Little Known [Something] That Could Be Causing Your [Outcome]

  2. A Day in the Life of a [Profession]

  3. How [Industry] Is Taking Advantage Of [Audience]—And How To Fix It

  4. Is [Thing] a Scam? Here's my Honest Review

  5. How To Get Rid Of [Something] Forever, Even If You’re Tried Everything

You can get access to the rest of the 20 Templates by reading this blog, written by one of the best digital writers on the Internet today - Nicolas Cole

In fact, go ahead & feel free to make this your Headlines Bible.

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