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  • Learn these 4 Skills or Lose out on Money, Writers.

Learn these 4 Skills or Lose out on Money, Writers.

Skills that Drive Irresistible Opportunities for you.

Learn these 4 Skills or Lose out on Money, Writers.

If there’s something I’ve noticed as a Writer in the past few months, it’s the dynamic nature of the Writing industry.

Just learning to write online isn’t enough today. Demands have shifted. The market needs more.

Brands are likely to hire Writers with additional skill sets. It’s obvious. They want to stand out from their competition.

And they expect Writers to create outstanding content for the same.

“Well, if generic writing won’t work anymore Sarvam, how do I upgrade my skills to attract more opportunities from Brands and Businesses?”

That’s exactly why I’m covering skills that’ll land you opportunities you can’t miss.

They are in demand. And you need to go grab them to land more clients, visitors or leads.

Let’s look at them, shall we now?

#1 — SEO

SEO is the most in-demand skill expected from Writers today. Before I answer why let me brief you a bit on SEO first.

SEO : Search Engine Optimization

Meaning : It means creating content to help rank it on Search Engines such as Google and Bing.

SEO has a lot of Benefits. Let’s look at a few :

  • Brings quality visitors directly from Google

  • Ranking on Google brings more engagement — likes, shares and comments.

  • No need to pay for ads to bring leads

Here’s a quote that’ll simplify SEO for you.

I tend to describe SEO as a creative number game: You need basic skills such as writing, technical analysis, building relationships, and logical thinking. But once you’ve ticked these boxes off, it becomes a numbers game. It’s about productivity: getting stuff done. From there on, you will find the challenges being more your individual limits and priorities.

Peter Thaleikis, CEO @ Bring your own Ideas

SEO might come off as technical for some, and that’s why I’m linking one of the best-known SEO resources on the Internet. [It’s my one-stop-shop for learning SEO and mastering it]

Need an SEO Checklist to cover your tracks? Give this Twitter thread a read.

Let’s look at WHY Writers should learn SEO.

If you’re a Freelance Writer, clients will pay you more for creating SEO content.

If you’re a Blogger, SEO will bring more traffic and leads.

At last, learning SEO benefits you and your brand as a Writer. So I recommend adding this Marketing skill to your to-do list. And if you need any other SEO resources, my DMs are open for you.

SEO was one of the first skills I learned back when I was exploring Digital Marketing and Blogging in April 2021.

Here’s a Podcast that’ll help you learn SEO and other Digital Marketing skills.

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Storytelling can boost conversion rates by 30% — Search Engine Watch.

And every brand, individual or business wants conversions today. Because stories help people connect with their product/service/offer. Before selling offers, one needs to learn to sell the stories behind them.

Why do you think Creators emphasise Social Proof? Because they know how visitors want to it turned out for others who brought it. Those are power-driven experiences to drive people to buy products.

Inside each of us is a natural-born storyteller, waiting to be released- Robin Moore, Author

Now that makes Storytelling another in-demand skill for Writers. Want an easier way to understand how the storytelling mechanics work?

Start writing about your own experiences. Choose a platform, write stories, try connecting them with your niche and publish them.

Example : Imagine you’re a writer in the Health industry/niche. And you decide to post on one of the most transformational phases in your life.

So along with sharing your story, you even share some tips on helping people go through a similar transformational phase.

That’s storytelling blended with your niche. And it’ll work wonders for readers.

You can start this for free. Choose LinkedIn, Twitter or Medium. I use LinkedIn to share my stories and blend them with my niche content.

And if you’re struggling with producing story-based content regularly, here’s a tweet that’ll help. 👇🏻

Storytelling brings out your authenticity for readers. They start trusting you and your content because you decided to share your personal experiences with them. Reciprocity, get it?


Copywriting is the art of persuasive writing. In it, you learn how to convert readers into leads or customers. Guess why that matters?

Leads and Customers are everything that brands and businesses want. Therefore, they hire Copywriters to design words in a way that converts cold readers into warm leads for them.

That’s how Copywriting turns out as one of the highest paying gigs in the Writing industry.

Here’s WHY you should learn Copywriting as a Writer :

  • Teaches you to sell with words

  • You can get clients for this additional skillset

  • Lets you take on Copywriting projects along with your Writing ones

  • Copywriters receive handsome payment

  • You can build your own info-product, write its Copy, sell it through Gumroad and make money. That’s an extra income source right there.

I started my freelancing career with Digital Marketing, pivoted to Copywriting and finally chose Content Writing.

Since I still practise Copywriting, I get better deals from clients.

But I wouldn’t have been here without my resources. Here’s the best guide on learning Copywriting from scratch. This will cover the HOW to learn Copywriting.

If you’re looking to go in-depth with Copywriting, you should check out these websites. [They’re my go-to place for Copywriting strategies]

  1. CopyBlogger.com

  2. Copyhackers.com

You’ll enjoy their resources and programs.

“Every product has a unique personality and it is your job to find it.”Joe Sugarman

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Content without images looks bland. And using Royalty Free images is not a forever solution. In fact, they look generic

The alternative? Create designs yourself. And guess what, it’s easier than it sounds.

Here’s the HOW. With designing tools like Canva, you can create any design within minutes.

Canva provides thousands of templates that’ll make things faster and effortless for you. And you’ll need to learn sophisticated design skills such as those needed to learn Adobe Photoshop and Illustration.

Want to try out Canva? Here are a bunch of tutorials that’ll help you with it. The best part? they are Free.

Check out this YouTube video tutorial to help you learn Canva.

Here’s WHY you should learn some basic designing skills.

  • Clients pay extra if writers can create blog graphics or infographics for their content.

  • If you’re a blogger, you can create your own designs without outsourcing them.

I started my freelancing career by providing designing gigs for clients on Fiverr. And I just used Canva for it.

What Next?

Choose one skill. Work on it. Try mastering it to land opportunities. Move on to the next one.

In this blog, I’ve covered 4 in-demand skills every Writer should integrate with their writing. They are as follows :

  • SEO

  • Storytelling

  • Copywriting

  • Designing

Passing over to you, let me know which skill do you plan on learning first?

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