A Writer's Roadmap to Make Money Online

Build a Profitable Writing Career

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In today's issue, I'm giving you a basic Roadmap to Making Money as a Writer.

This issue will take you 3 mins to read.

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64.78% Writers fail to Monetize their Skills. 

They lack a proper Roadmap.

Here's one for you if you're a Writer and feel lost :

🔸 Pick a NicheStart with Three.

Narrow down on one later or don't - your choice

The in-demand niches today :- Health- Wealth- RelationshipsI talk about - Writing, No-Code and Self-Care

🔸 Pick a PlatformStart with Medium or Quora.Leverage these to understand what kind of content attracts your ideal audience.Start creating content and get eyeballs on it.

🔸 Pick 3 ToolsI use Grammarly, Notion and CoSchedule to create, edit and polish my content.Find your tools, benefit from them and create optimized content.

🔸 Pick 2 Social Media Sites

Build a Personal Brand on two social media sites.Write on One, repurpose on the other. Your ideal audience is lurking everywhere. Pluck them from Social Media and drive them to your Content.

I use LinkedIn and Twitter.

🔸 Create a Content Planner + Strategy 

Devise a strategy + calendar to organize your Writing life - otherwise, you'll fall prey to :- Writer's Block- Anxiety- Self-Doubt- BurnoutYou don't want any of them

I use Notion to create a strategy, track and plan my content.

🔸 Build 2-3 Sources of Income

Build Backups

Solo income sources aren't enough today.

I have two others apart from Writing :- Newsletter- Selling Info Products

Multiple sources of income = Safeguarded future

Hope you liked today's Edition. 

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